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The College has been a place of learning, expression, innovation and discourse since its opening in 1965. Foso College of Education focuses on preparing student teachers to make meaningful contribution in the lives of basic school pupils.

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We are a fully residential teacher training college made up of students, scholars,  and staff members. The foundation of our values rest on our rich history.

We are welcoming, diverse and passionate about training student teachers to become dedicated and functional basic school teachers. Join us to make your teacher training experience unforgettable.


Partnership and Cooperation

The College acknowledges that delivering quality teacher education isa  task it cannot be accomplished single handed. Partners are therefor considered essential in the College’s efforts at driving innovation and creativity in teacher education and research.

Foso College of Education is seeking national and international partners to pursue joint research projects,  students, and staff mobility programs, technology-transfer initiatives, and other initiatives that will facilitate the organization of events like research, workshops and symposia for the purpose of  sharing cutting-edge research outcomes with the College community and the wider society.

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Foso College of Education has been making judicious use of the limited financial resources at its disposal. In spite of this challenge, the College is a preferred choice of men and women who want to train as teachers. The College’s graduates have been a testimony of the efforts it has been making in delivering quality teacher education. There is more to be done.

In the current economic climate, your support is as important as ever. We need your support to fulfill our mission and realize our vision.  Click on the button to learn about some of the areas we need you to support us.

Following the introduction of the Four Year Bachelor of Education program in the Colleges of Education in Ghana, Three Year diploma in Education program has been discontinued. New applicants will have to choose from the options available under the Four Year Bachelor of Education Program in accordance with the entry requirements advertised.
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An Exciting Campus Life

FOSCO is more than a higher education institution. It is a community of people of diverse cultures living, working and playing together. The community is enriched by the differences among members and bound together by the similar treats among members. The community recognizes that its members have a wide range of talents, interests and needs. That is why the FOSCO community is providing services and opportunities to keep members strong in mind, body and spirit.


Foso College of Education was opened in 1965 with 240 students and 9 teaching staff. The students were made up of 120 Post Middle 4-Year and 120 Post ‘B’ 2-Year Certificate ‘A’ groups.