About Us


Foso College of Education is a preferred institution among the committee of Colleges for the training of teachers for basic schools in Ghana.  It was incorporated as a co-educational teacher training college by Ghana’s first President, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah on the 15th of November, 1965 under the headship of the late Mr. R.R. Essah.

In its years of existence, FOSCO (as the College is affectionately called) has run every major pre-tertiary and now tertiary teacher education programmes in Ghana.  Some of these programs are;

  1. 2-Year Post-Middle Cert.
  2. 2-Year Post-‘B’ Cert. ‘A’
  3. 4-Year Post-Middle Cert. ‘A’
  4. 2-Year Post-Sec Cert. ‘A’
  5. 2-Year Post-‘A’ Specialist programme in Agric. Sci.
  6. 3-Year Post-Sec Specialist Programme in Maths, science and Agric. Sci.
  7. 2-Year Modular Programme for Untrained teachers
  8. 2-Year Post-Modular cert. ‘A’
  9. 3-Year Post-Sec cert. ‘A’
  10. 3-Year Diploma in Basic Education
  11. 4-Year Untrained Teachers Diploma in Basic Education

Under the tutelage of the University of Cape Coast, Cape Coast, the College has been running Diploma in Basic Education Programmes since the year 2005. Currently, the College is running a 4-Year Bachelor of Education Degree program.

In line with its motto: ‘Character, Wisdom, Knowledge’, the College has a vision to become a centre for training quality basic school teachers whose orientation is holistic and consistent with societal and national aspirations and development.

As a College that believes in holistic development and nurturing of quality teachers, FOSCO intermingle academic work with character training through allied activities, role-modeling and mentorship.  Strong, positive religious and cultural values as well as talent development are rigorously enforced.

The College is situated on a one square kilometer land at Assin Foso, off the Cape Coast – Kumasi highway.

Foso College of Education was opened in 1965 with 240 students and 9 teaching staff. The students were made up of 120 Post Middle 4-Year and 120 Post ‘B’ 2-Year Certificate ‘A’ groups.

Past Principals

1 Mr. R. R. Essah 1965 – 1975
2 Mr. E. A. Graham 1975 – 1980
3 Mr. E. O. Gyarteng 1980 – 1988
4 Rev. Bruce Asare 1988 – 1991
5 Mr. M. A. Kwofie 1991 – 1996
6 Mr. J. S. Ocran 1996 – 1999
7 Mr. J.B.K. Mensah 1999 – 2010
8 Dr. Nana Kwaku Asiedu 2011 – 2018