Campus Safety

The Security Unit provides professional security and campus safety services to the College Community. To enhance the teaching and learning environment for the entire campus community, we are committed to creating and maintaining safety as well as a sense of security. Campus Security Officers actively patrol the campus to get to know our community members.

Prompt Reporting

If you see something, say something. It is important that you promptly report any suspicious activity to Campus Security as soon as possible to ensure that the situation gets investigated immediately.

The Municipal Police will respond to any immediate emergency needs which include any violent crimes or other incidents beyond the capabilities of the Campus Security Officers. Campus Security Officers work closely with the Municipal Police Officers who occasionally spend some amount of time on our campus to be well prepared for any major incidents.

Emergency Numbers

  • Ghana National Fire Service – Assin Foso Fire Station
    • 0299340954
    • 0312197207
    • 0205388674


  • Police/Medical
    • 911