Social Sciences Department

The Arts and Social Sciences department of Foso College of Education offers courses such as Social Studies, Religious and Moral Education, Music and Dance and HIV/AIDS Education. The department is made up of four main units namely the Social Studies, Music and Dance, Religious and Moral Education and HIV/AIDS units.

In the Arts and Social Sciences department of Foso College of Education, we provide our students with enrich array of educational experiences focused on guiding teacher-trainees to understand the foundational principles of social sciences. From introductory courses to advanced courses, students acquire a framework of ideas and techniques which prepare them with appropriate knowledge, skills and values to enable them assist learners to live well as responsible citizens.

We apply the methods and approaches of the social sciences to understanding the concerns, issues and challenges of society. It is also with the view of helping students appreciate and solve the merging environmental and social issues that negatively affect our communities. The department has a staff strength of seven (7) made up of five (5) males and two (2) females.