Support Us

Support Us

We need your support in the following areas;

Modernizing Lecture Halls : The College has initiated the process of replacing the classroom furniture which are uncomfortable to use and makes it difficult to vary sitting arrangement. The College needs support to replace all classroom tables and chairs. Also, the College needs support to acquire and fix projectors and smartbaords in classrooms to facilitate teaching and learning.

Equipping the College’s Computer Laboratories with Computer: There are two computer  laboratories. However the number of working computers are few and needs to be augmented.

Stocking College’s library with current and relevant books and periodicals: The library needs to be stocked with current books and periodicals to meet the demands of the 4-year Bachelor of Education Program. The College is currently financially constrained and is unable to provide the required books and periodicals.

Protecting College Land: In spite of having land title deeds, encroachers are encouraging the College’s lands. The College has begun the processes of walling and erecting concrete pillars to prevent encroachment. Your support is needed in completing the process.